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  • Katy Carr’s April/May 2014 Newsletter

    Hello lovely friend! I hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful Spring sunshine! I am really excited to announce that I will performing a special concert on 17th May as 21.30 at the Piazza A. Labriola, 03043 Cassino, Italy to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino in cooperation with […]

  • Katy Carr’s Mar/April 2014 Newsletter

    Katy Carr’s Mar/April 2014 Newsletter   Hello friends March has been a great month and I was so excited to find out that, ‘on behalf of the Music Resource Group, The Independent Music Awards, and our distinguished judging panelists, it is our pleasure to congratulate Katy Carr on being nominated in The 13th Independent Music Awards in […]

  • Katy Carr’s Feb/Mar 2014 Newsletter

    Hello friends and thank you for your continued support of my music and performances. February has been a very moving month for me with regards my concerts as they have been specifically connected with commemorating those Polish people who were transported to Siberia by the Soviets during WWII. It has been an absolute honour to […]

  • Katy Carr’s Jan / Feb 2014 Newsletter

    Hello dear friends I am just writing a few words to say what a fantastic year 2014 is going to be. Already this month has played host to some great events including The Jan Karski and Holocaust Memorial Day event at The Central Synagogue London on 29th Jan 2014. A big thank you goes to […]

  • Katy Carr’s Happy New Year 2014 Newsletter

    This final newsletter of 2013 is to wish all my lovely friends at home and across the globe especially my very new and growing global family – ‘Polonia,’ a very Happy New Year 2014 and to thank you so much for all the support, joy and happiness that you have brought to my life and […]

  • Katy Carr’s Nov/Dec 2013 Newsletter

    November 2013 has been packed full of exciting adventures for Katy Carr and the Aviators and we would like to thank everyone who have supported our music and created the various events that we have been associated with. Big thanks go to Platforma Festival for organising our ‘Songs of Polonia Event ‘ which comprised of […]


    Official music video for Mała little Flower

    Inspiration for Mała Little Flower

    My song ‘Mała Little Flower,’ was inspired by Irena Gut Opdyke who was a Polish Catholic girl (b. 1922), who not only saved the lives of twelve Jews by hiding them in the basement of an SS officer’s house, but also became an effective resistance fighter with the Polish Partisans, with code name ‘Mała’ meaning ‘little’ in Polish. This song is dedicated to the memory of her fiancé Janek Ridel (pseudonym “Mercedes Benz”), who was killed in action the day before their wedding in May 1944.

  • Katy Carr’s Oct / Nov 2013 Newsletter


    Hello lovelies!!!

    I am so pleased to announce that I will be playing some fabulous concerts in the next couple of weeks celebrating the historical connections and honour between Poland and Great Britain — I am very excited about my ‘Songs of Polonia’ event on 1st November in Manchester comprising of two elements – the first part is an hour of sharing songs and real life stories with Polish speakers and Polish WWII veterans celebrating the history, culture and music of the Polish diaspora in Manchester and the second is concert in the evening – see details below :) On 2nd November I will be singing for The Polish Order of Malta Volunteers in Mayfair and on 10th November I will be singing Polish patriotic songs at a special event organised by the Jagiellonian University, Krakow in London at the Polish Club Ognisko in Kensington. Exciting news – on 12th November we will be playing a special concert in connection with Songlines Music Magazine supporting the Antonio Forcione Trio at the Royal Albert Hall and we are VERY EXCITED! In addition my wonderful film collaborator Hannah Lovell will be accompanying me to Belfast for a special concert at Belfast City Hall as part of Belfast Music Week in Ireland.

  • Katy Carr sings for Poland in Hampstead Heath - 5th Sept 2013

    Katy Carr sings for Poland in Hampstead Heath, London

    Magical musical storytelling at midnight on Hampstead Heath Article P 35 in the Ham and High 5th Sept 2013 A hidden enclave on Hampstead Heath became an impromtu stage as dozens gathered for a midnight storytelling session. Professional storyteller Vanessa Wolf and singer-songwriter Katy Carr took about 35 adults into the depths of the Heath […]